Monday, August 24, 2009

Duck Pass Hike

Julian, Harvey, Jesse, and Barb

The Duck Pass trail-head starts at the south-end of Lake Mary and rises 1,800' over 4 miles to a 11,000' summit. The trail passes several beautiful alpine lakes on the way to Duck Lake.

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The young guns - Jesse and Julian at Skelton Lake

Skelton Lake is quite luv'ly

Mark, Paul, Harvey and Herb taking 5

Golden corn lillys glow in the morning light

Arriving at Barney Lake

The trail begins to zig and zag up toward Duck Pass

Looking back toward Barney Lake with Mammoth Mt. in the horizon

Trail rising toward Duck Pass. Can you spot the hikers on the cliff?
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String of lakes from a higher elevation

Cresting the 11,000' summit. Duck Lake below.

Looking down on Duck Lake after cresting the summit

Feeling "duckie" at Duck Lake

Julian and Duck Lake

Made in the shade - Lunch time for Harvey and Jay

Rest of the bunch lunching at Duck Lake

Mammoth Ridge (the dark wall) lies beyond Duck Lake

With my SLO bud - Jay

Harvey, Jay, Herb, Mark and Mike pose in front of Duck Lake before heading back down

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