Monday, August 24, 2009

4th Annual Eastern Sierra Trip

Musubi rides again!

The annual Campo-Velo-Hiko to the Eastern Sierras took place over 8 days during the week of August 16th. On this trip we camped at the New Shady Rest Campground in Mammoth Lakes at 7,800' elevation. This was a great base camp for all our biking and hiking excursions.

Over 8 days, we cycled 4 days and hiked 2 days. The cycling and hiking in the Eastern Sierras are grueling since the slope of the mountains rise abruptly from the Owens Valley. A magnificent string of canyons and peaks rising to over 14,000' border both sides of the valley. Quite literally, there are no flat land in this region. But this is why we go there!

On this trip, the core group consisted Bob Anderson from Santa Rosa, Jay Okada and Harvey Cohon from San Luis Obispo, Herb Lee and myself from Sacramento.

During the week, a large contingent of hikers joined us for shorter periods. These included Bob Tribe, Jim Burton, Art Godwin, Rich Blackmarr, Mike Donahue, Mark and Julian Manoff, Jesse, Paul Gunkel, Barb Bravos, Bonnie Hankins and Jean Alford.

Rich organized and led two great hikes to Duck Pass and Mt. Goode. The gnarly cyclists rode 150 miles and climbed 11,650' over 4 days.

As all our previous three trips, it was another grand time in the big mountains.

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