Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mt. Judah Loop Hike

Donner Lake

At Donner Summit, off Old Hwy 40, is a beautiful 6 mile moderately difficult hike which passes three peaks - Donner Peak, Mt. Judah, and Mt. Lincoln. All three peaks are slightly over 8,000' can be reached from the main trail. The total elevation gain is about 2,000'.

Today, the Sac. County Hikers escaped the hot valley temperatures and did some peak bagging and enjoyed the cooler temperatures and spectacular views of Donner Lake, Castle Peak, and surrounding High Sierra mountain range.

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Across Old Hwy 40 and to the north is Castle Peak

Our hike leader Rich Blackmarr and Donner Lake

L-R Rick, Don, Rich, and Frank taking a break on the way up to Donner Peak

Historic Rainbow Bridge and Old Hwy 40 (Lincoln Hwy) lies below Donner Peak

Heavy sedimentary rock comprise the top of Donner Peak

Multi-pancake layers

Don climbing to the top of Donner Peak

At the top of Donner Peak (8,019') with a grand view of Castle Peak

The Smith Bros. - Don and Ward

Group foto at the summit - Susan and Karen (front), Rick, Rich, Ward, Don and Frank

Hiking to our next peak, Mt. Judah (8,243')

Brisk winds at top of Mt. Judah

Bagging Mt. Judah - Rick, me, Rich and Ward

Rich, Karen and Frank approaching Mt. Judah

Three chicks from Marin and Truckee

Across the canyon is Mt. Lincoln (8,383') which is the high point for Sugar Bowl Ski Resort

Off to the east on the Pacific Crest Trail is Anderson Peak - 8,683'

Off to the distant and below Mt. Lincoln is Royal Gorge, the northern fork of the American River

Resting at the top of Mt. Lincoln

At the summit of Mt. Lincoln are the ski chair lifts of Sugar Bowl. It's all downhill from here.


Hats & Taps said...

Wow, you are quick with getting the pics up. Looks like a great hike Geno. Have fun on the bike ride today! Marie

Nickolas B. Solish said...

Cool pictures. We did the Mt. Judah Loop this weekend and loved it. I don't recognize Mt. Lincoln, as I don't think we got there. Was it part of the loop? We had to go off-trail at one point because there was too much snow on the path (in August!).