Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Consumnes River Wildlife Preserve

A birding outing to Consumnes River Preserve in the south county. Jeff and Dawn and couple other birders scoping out the sandhill cranes

The Fines got a brand new 60x Kowa scope

Neat water plants in the Preserve

Butterfly display at the visitor center

Crossing a bridge connecting pathways through the Preserve

A slimy slough is great habitat for boids

Black neck stilt

We had time to visit the Sandhill Crane Reserve a few miles away where thousands of cranes winter over in the fields

A flock of gawking birders

Two sandhills and ducks

At sunset, silhouettes of flying cranes

Zooming in on his new Kowa

Dawn has the same camera, the Canon SX1 IS, just like mine which can zoom out 20x. A great little point n shoot.

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