Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jeff and Dawn touring the Gold Country

Jeff and Dawn at the John Marshall statue

A statue commemorates John Marshall who discovered gold in 1848 at Sutter Mill along the American River. The statue sits prominently on a hill over-looking the town of Coloma and river.

My full-time RV friends from the east coast who I first met in AZ in 2004 were on a swing through the west coast and spent two weeks in Sacramento. The last time I saw them was in the winter of 2007 where we rendezvoused in Morro Bay and traveled to southern AZ together with my late wife - Patti.

This was the first time they visited Sacramento and over a two week period, I played tour guide and showed them many of my favorite places to hike, walk, bird, and dine.

The following entries highlight some of our adventures and outings:

1) Gold Country
2) Consumnes River Preserve
3) Hidden Falls
4) UC Davis
5) Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge
6) Burrowing Owls

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The American River at Coloma - where gold was discovered in 1848 launching the California Gold Rush

In Amador City, a giant flying goose (above) and ants (below) displayed at artist studio

The main shaft at Kennedy Mines in Jackson

Another view of the shaft building between spokes of water wheel

Jeff checking out the collapsed water wheel

Dawn in front of an upright water wheel.

A series of these giant wheels powered by water were used to transport gravel on a belt to a reservoir.

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