Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Around the Park

Brittle bush - first blooms of the year

Stairs to the Bridge, a roof-top garden over the Park's Visitor Center

Entrance to Visitor Center lies under the roof-top desert garden

Reflection - pup-fish pond at Visitor Center

Rams-horn door handles at Visitor Center

Ocotillo sunrise

Barrel cactus in the early morning

I rode by my favorite campsite and discovered Ric and Sandy Rusconi camped there. Patti and I used to stake out this site in our RV days and would hang a bird feeder on the ironwood tree (on right).

How appropriate and ironic to find another Wheelmen couple staying here. I hope you enjoyed camping here as much as we did.

This friendly road runner posed for me

On this trip, I stayed at the Palm Canyon Resort Motel which had a great view of Indian Head

Main office/restaurant at Palm Canyon

The pool and spa were right in front of our room

A beautiful rainbow arched over Borrego Springs on the day we left. A perfect ending to our trip.

Mike looking for his pot of gold

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