Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Slot Canyon and Wind Caves Hike

The Port-Hole

Another great hike is Slot Canyon and Wind Caves which lies near the Borrego Buttes east of town. We did a loop hike dropping down into the slots and out the other end and returning over the wind cave hills to the trail-head.

Heading into Slot Canyon from above

Traversing the slots

A perfect key-stone!

OK Mike . . . just a small dinner salad tonight!

Colorful hills as you exit Slot Canyon

Pot-marked wind cave hills

Wind and erosion over the eons created the caves

Badlands and Fonts Point lies across the valley

Mike attempts a little spelunkering

Pretty rugged country

Around the Park
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Robert said...

Mike should to fit through those slots a lot easier.

Robert said...

If Mike lost a little weight he could have fit in that slot somewhat easier.