Saturday, April 24, 2010

Grand Opening - US Bicycling Hall of Fame

What baseball is to Cooperstown, bicycling now is to Davis with the opening of the Bicycling Hall of Fame on April 24th. On a rare sunny spring day, 14 Sacramento cycling enthusiasts rendezvoused at my house and rode over the Causeway to Davis to attend the grand opening of the Bicycling Hall of Fame.

The peleton consisted of Herb and Kay Lee, Mike Broderick and Barbara Greenwood, Bud and Jeanne Leland, Bill Staack and Kathy Douglas, Peter Saucerman, Frank Gerace, Lesli Pletcher, Eric Saur, Jennie Babich, and myself.

Click on pic for enlarged view

Spring rains nourished the mustard grass to record heights. The peleton taking the scenic route into Davis. Marco Pantani leading the way.

~Separated at birth~

But first, breakfast at the Black Bear Diner, a popular destination for hungry cyclists

A typical day in the saddle, gotta' fuel the engine

Herb, Kay, Frank (aka Marco - note the ears), Mike

Mike, Bill, Kathy, Barbara

With Jennie :-)

Eric wearing his vintage B & L Bike Shop jersey from his UCD college days

Many vintage and classic bikes on display

Giraffe bike at the Farmers Market

Bill, Kathy, Eric, Marco, Herb and Kay

In the Rose Garden

- Peter, Mike, Barbara, Herb, Kay, Bill, Kathy, Frank, Jeanne, Bud (sitting).
Missing Jennie and Leslie who had to leave early

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