Friday, May 7, 2010

Yosemite Falls Hike

On our 2nd layover day, Herb and I hiked up the Yosemite Falls Trail. The trail rates a 10/10 for scenic value and a 10/10 for difficulty. It is an extreme hike with a vertical gain of 3,000+' over 3 1/2 miles. A sign at the trailhead said there are 60 switchbacks to the top of the Lower Falls. It seems like there were another 60 to get to the rim of Upper Falls.

At 2,452', Yosemite Falls is the tallest fall in North America and the 6th highest in the world.
The Upper Falls drops 1,430', the Middle Cascade drops 675', and the Lower Falls another 320' to the valley floor.

A view of Yosemite Falls from a bridge on the Merced River

On our first layover day, Gordy and I rode around the Valley and checked out the Lower Falls

View of Upper Falls

View of Upper and portion of Lower Falls

View of Lower Falls

Getting a nice shower

At base of Lower Falls

A view of Valley from the trail

Herb and ephemeral waterfall

Great views of Half Dome and valley from Columbia Rock Overlook (above and below)

Tumultuous base of Upper Falls (above and below)

View of Upper Falls as it shoots over the brink

View of Half Dome, Mount Star King, and Clark Range

Veery steep and rocky trail to Upper Falls

View of valley through V-notch

Almost there!

Snow at the summit - only 0.2 miles to Upper Falls (above and below)

Two guys near the edge of falls

Yosemite Creek cascades over rim

Herb on the brink - click on pic twice for enlarged view

Hikers gather near the edge (above and below)

A Wowzer! A 10/10 view!

This is as close to the edge I want to get

Bridge over Yosemite Creek

Certain death if you fall in

Yosemite Creek flowing over the rim and dropping 2,452'

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