Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 2 - King Ridge Ride

The epic ride is ascending King Ridge Road, a gut-wrenching series of severe climbs . . . but the views are astounding. Some of us did the middle ride which covered 53 miles with 5,375' of vertical.

Scrutinizing the map to make sure we know where we're going

Bob, Bernie, Eric and I started at Casini Ranch

Paul Gunkel ascending the upper part of King Ridge

Paul and Mike Dodson at a sweeping hair-pin

Passing a cattle barn on narrow King Ridge Rd.

Many sweeping turns, no traffic, spectacular scenery - doesn't get much better than this . . .

View looking east from King Ridge

Nothing but forests, ranches and vineyards out here

At the junction of King Ridge and Tin Barn Roads, we take a break. We were joined by a Harley touring club from So. Cal.

A view of the golden dome of a Buddhist Monastery . . . I told you King Ridge is Nirvana!

About 30 motorcycles stopped and regrouped here

A tricked out bike with custom paint job

Break time

No services so we packed our own food

Wild iris's near Ft. Ross Road and Meyers Grade

Bill Floyd cranking up to the summit of Meyers Grade

Bill and Glenn Moore (KOM)

The ever-smiling Bernie cresting Meyers Grade

Eric riding strong today

Bob giving it his all . . . why, he's actually smiling . . .

OK, there were a couple more little hills before the big descent . . .

Eric in the tuck position

A screaming 18% descent on Meyers Grade for a couple miles

Bob and Bernie

Looking back uphill from Hwy 1

At Jenner . . . Russian River flowing out to the ocean . . . we're almost done

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