Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 1 - Coleman Valley Road Ride

Bob and Bernie at Howard's Cafe in Occidental

Bob Anderson and Bernie Conner, my cycling buds from Santa Rosa joined us for a couple rides. The Coleman Valley Road ride took us on a big loop through Occidental, Bodega Bay and Freestone for 49 miles and 4,026' of ascending.

John Hockenbury grunting up a steep hill on Coleman Valley Road

Big Bob working hard!

Splendid view of the coast and pond from the summit

Bob sweeping up twisting road

Stopping at a view point before descending to Hwy 1

Eric braking hard on steep descent

A -10%+ descent down to Hwy 1

Bob, Eric, John, and Ron Brown at wide-spot on Hwy 1

After lunch in Bodega Bay, Bernie gives us a tour of his sport-fishing boat moored at the marina

Bernie and his boat he built more than 30 years ago

Giving us a tour

Inside the cabin

OK, let's rev 'er up and take it for a spin

View out the pilot house

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