Friday, May 14, 2010

Guerneville Zodiac - Casini Ranch Campground

Wood Duck - Male

The Sacramento Wheelmen held the annual Guerneville Zodiac trip in spectacular Sonoma County from May 10th thru 13th. While most of the members stayed at the Fern Grove Cottages in Guerneville, I stayed with Eric Saur in his Komfort Trailer at the Casini Ranch Campground in Duncan Mills. Bob Barker also camped in his pick-up camper truck at Casini.

The Guerneville Zodiac blog consists of five entries:

Casini Ranch
Day 1 - Coleman Valley Road Bike Ride
Day 2- King Ridge Bike Ride
Day 3 - Dry Creek Valley Bike Ride
BBQ at Fern Grove

For enlarged view, click twice on pic

The comfy Komfort travel trailer was my home for four nights

Eric and Bob on an evening stroll along the Russian River

Heavy rains on the day we arrived results in pea-soup fog in the early morn, but the rains passed and we had four fabulous clear days for bike riding

The fog dissipates and the sun comes out mid-morning

Looks like steam rising from the river

Scotch Broom, a non-native invasive plant, adds color to the hill-sides

Female mallard duck on the river

Her mate swims on by

Mill Pond at Casini is a fine habitat for water fowl

Camp robber, a steller's jay

Beautiful wood ducks inhabit Mill Pond

Male and female wood ducks

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