Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bon Voyage Breakfast

I am going on a big adventure to the biggest mountain range in the world. In a few days, I will be on an 18-day trek in Nepal hiking the Annapurna Circuit.

My buddy, Herb, organized a get together of some of my cycling friends for a bon voyage breakfast at a local eatery.

There is an ancient Tibetan proverb that says, "the essence to a happy life is the capacity to eat, ride, laugh and scratch." Today's events epitomized this ancient proverb . . . :-).

Mike, Lesli, Marie, Eric, Steve and Jennie

Some of the gang came by early and we rode over to Crepe Escape to meet the others

Castelli ROCKS!

Jim, Herb, Dick, Mike, Jennie, Steve, me, Marie, Lesli, Don, Dennis (Eric taking pic) rendezvousing at Crepe Escape

Round of coffee for everyone and yak butter tea for me

Marie and Jennie

Mike, Eric, Steve


Jim and Herb

Breakfast is served

Great meal and great friends!
I'll miss ya' all!

After an easy ride around the Delta, we swung by Chocolate Fish and checked in with Frank, a worker bee, who couldn't make the party.

A great day . . . I'll catch up with you all later.
Thanks Herb for organizing a nice little gathering.

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