Sunday, November 7, 2010

Flying Biz/First Class

Putting on my slippers

OK, pardon for a little gloat time but I can't help myself. I flew business class roundtrip thanks to my late wife, Patti. I was able to transfer her balance of frequent flyer miles to my account and had enough miles to book the entire trip business class.

And what a treat it was! Flying half-way around the world with four connecting flights, it made the 2-day, 22 hours of flying time a treat and not torture.

I even got bumped up to first class between Bangkok and Incheon (Korea) on the return trip :-). Since I spent alot of time in airports, I also had access to the biz' class lounges which made waiting so much nicer.

Anyway, I will end my Nepal blog with a few pics to show you what it's like to fly biz/1st class.

Enjoy the flight . . .

The last leg between Bangkok and Kathmandu on Thai Airlines

The hi-tech seats recline fully into a bed

Unlimited amount of booze

Great food and presentation - first course

Fruit and cheese course

Biz class on ANA

Great service and friendly stewardesses

First Class seat on Asiana Air. I felt like the King of Siam!

The new Incheon Airport near Seoul Korea

Inside the Asiana Air Lounge

Yes, that's a grand piano in the lounge.

Thanks Patti, the trek was awesome but the comfortable flights put it over the top!!

(End of Nepal Blog)

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