Monday, November 8, 2010

Scattering Patti's Spirit in the Himalayas

The journey to the Himalayas was also a spiritual one. One of my my goals was to scatter Patti's ashes at the highest passes we summited. These would be Kang La at 5434 m. (18,031') and Thorung La at 5416 m. (17,873').

Patti was my dear wife of nearly 40 years died at an early age of 59 on April 4, 2008. Her spirit is my constant companion on all my journeys.

Mick also made an excellent recommendation. He said it would be a beautiful gesture if I scatter her ashes at the 1,000 year old Buddhist Monastery in the ancient village of Phu. She being a Buddhist convert after we got married, this idea was most appropriate.

The beautiful centuries old monastery is located on a mountain-top at 4200 m. (14,000') and was a spectacular location for such a ceremony.

Thus, I was able to scatter her ashes in three fantastic mountain-top locations. I felt her spirit soar over these magical and mystical lands as I cast her white ashes to the winds.

Having spent over 40 glorious years of our adult lives together, she will always occupy a corner of my heart. I can't imagine a more wonderous place on earth to cast her ashes. Fittingly, these actions symbolically closes this chapter of my life.

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The centuries old Phu Monastery is located on a 14,000' mountain top

Himalaya mountains soar 20,000+' above the monastery

A view of the monastery from the mountain top

Scattering her ashes at Phu mountain-top

Days later, scattering her ashes at Kang La summit at 18,031'. At this altitude, this is as close I will come to her.

Soar with the eagles my dear!

And a few days later, casting her ashes to the winds at Thorung La at 17,873'

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