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Part 2 Sac to SLO - Taking the Inland Passage

Arriving at Pinnacles National Monument where we spend 2 days.

An inviting pool at the campground but the water was quite brisk

The campground store had minimal provisions so our meals were quite spartan

Circling the wagons

Bob Tribe drove down from Sacramento and hung out for a couple days. He brought folding chairs for everyone and some nice snacks. It's amazing how a simple amenity like a folding chair makes a world of difference when you're roughing it.

BT . . . it was good to see ya' and a big thanks for the goodies

The early mornings were coolish so the lads seek the warmth of the rising sun

The Talking Heads . . . BT and Ralph Battles who drove over from SLO . . . keep the conversation going

Jay slurping a souper meal . . . will have to suffice for dinner

Falling off the vegetarian wagon . . . a famished Peter woofing down a hot dog cooked up by BT

On the lay-over day, most of the lads did an 8-mile hike in the Park. Herb, Jim and I did a saner 3-miler and later lounged around the pool.

Riding to the trailhead

Taking the Moses Spring Trail to the ridge line

Slithering through Bear Gulch Caves

Overlook of Bear Gulch Reservior with Inca-like stone dam

Great views of the canyon from the Rim Trail (above and below)

A goofy photo-opp moment

Breaking camp and heading to King City. Harvey Cohen joined us at the Pinnacles and rode back to his home in SLO.

A"dust-bowl" era load hangs off the back of JimBob's bike

Day 8 Pinnacles to King City, a 33 mile day. Climbing the first hill and leaving the Pinnacles behind.

Cresting the big hill and entering a spectacular valley

Entering John Steinbeck Country

Hwy 25 meanders through a lovely valley

Nary a car on this road

The stately oaks are captivating

Interesting how it's greener within the tree's drip-line

Regrouping and tending to Peter's temperamental Moulten

The Sach's drive-train was giving Peter the fits. On a wing and a prayer, he remarkably makes it to the finish.

Another steep 15% climb on Bitterwater Road . . . short and sweeeet!

A very steep hill . . . good thing it's a short day

The last view of the Pinnacles from about 20 miles away

A group photo-opp at the summit. It's all downhill for 6 miles to King City

A sci-fi transformer-like spray rig rises over a hill

A beautiful campsite at the San Lorenzo County Park in King City

The campground had a managerie of antique farm equipment reflecting the region's ag history

After a big Chinese dinner, we take refuge in a laundrymat from the infamous Salinas Valley winds to eat ice cream

Day 8 King City to Ft. Hunter-Liggett, a 26 mile day. A short day but a 13% butt-kicker climb to get over.

Peter's Moulten still hangin' together

The SLO boys

Riding into Ft. Hunter-Liggett

A busy time at the base. More than 14,000 troops are in summer training.

Sgt. Masuda and the troops

Gotta' have a group photo in front of a tank

Don't pull the trigger Peter!!. . . your bike will hold together!

We book a night at the Hearst Hacienda Lodge, a Julia Morgan designed building. Nearby Hearst Castle is her more famous building.

The base commander's quarters takes up the entire north wing

Inside JimBob's lux room

The Mission San Antonio de Padua, established in 1771 and CA's 3rd Mission, is also located on the base.

In 1939-40, the US Military acquired the property from Wm. Randolf Hearst to establish Ft. Hunter-Liggett to train troops for WWII.

Franciscan friars still use the Mission for training.

The Great Church was built in 1810

The Mission surrounds a beautiful courtyard

A basking turkey vulture sits atop the Mission cross . . . creating a double cross so to speak

Day 9 Ft. Hunter-Liggett to Paso Robles, 54 mile day. The temps rise into the mid-90s and we take a much needed break at the Lockwood store.

Behind the store, Peter finds a guitar and strums a few chords

Nice scenery on Hwy G-14

We hit the Mother Lode!

Arriving at the Bee Rock store which sells home-made pies

Heck with small slices!

Herb buys two whole pies to celebrate Peter and JimBob's birthdays.

The birthday boys helping themselves to a quarter pie apiece


Criminy!! Just after consuming the pies we hit the steepest climb of the tour . . . 15% 2-mile grunt on a 90+ degree day.

A false summit turn . . . still another mile to go

Thank goodness for alpine gears

Golly . . . looks like BA consumed more than one slice :-)

Peter still wingin' and prayin'

The Dust-Bowl Express comes steaming by

Looking down the valley from where we came

Peter flashes me the low-5!

Cresting the summit and swooping toward Lake Naciemento

View of Lake Naciemento from the ridge line

End of a grueling day. Relaxing on the lawn at the Travel Lodge in Paso Robles.

Stuffing ourselves with a great Mexican dinner at Senor Sanchez.
The lads look pretty whipped from a tough day.

Day 10 Paso Robles to SLO, a 54 mile day. Cruising on Hwy 46 to the coast.

Taking a break at York Mt. Road after cresting two big hills

After making the final climb on Old Creek Rd, time for a group photo at Whale Rock Reservior

Arriving at the ocean in Cayucos . . . end is near

Andrew, Jay's son, meets us in Cayucos

Riding Hwy 1 toward Morro Bay. Fog hiding the Big Rock.

Sun finally appears revealing El Morro

Final eats at Giovanni's in Morro Bay . . . a great place for fish n chips

A Norwegian Blue

Riding by Hollister Peak . . . only 6 miles to SLO

End of the tour and staying at "Harvey's Hotel" in SLO. Harvey is a man of many talents and gives us a show of his paintings. A very relaxing time at Harvey's and a very nice way to end the tour.

Very cool paintings

Harvey is a gracious host and put all five of us at his home for the last night. He served us a continental breakfast before we departed for Sacramento. Thanks Harvey, we sure appreciated your generous hospitality.

Bob drove his truck and trailer to SLO before the tour to help facilitate our return trip.
We were able to get all five bikes and gear loaded for the long drive home.

Heading home.

End of an excellent tour

We met a remarkable man in King City.
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Candy said...

Such energy, such scenery. You are a great bunch of guys and I'm glad my bro has you in his life.

Stay healthy, bike safe.

Candy (Cohen) Straus