Sunday, May 22, 2011

Small Wheel Society goes International

Aaahh! . . . the wonders of the internet to bring like-minded people together. Peter Saucerman, Moulton Bike aficionado extraordinaire, arranged a bike ride of visiting Europeans and the Sacramento Small Wheel Society.

Tim Evans, a gent from the UK, who has a collection of 10 Moultons and secretary to the UK Moulton Bike Club was in Sacramento this week attending a conference. Peter and Tim met on the internet sometime ago. When Tim discovered Peter lived in Sacramento, they arranged to get together and Peter thought it would be a bloody good idea to have a ride of small wheel bikes.

Peter owns 3 working Moultons and provided them to his visiting guests. Tim brought along two business associates Keith and Harold to the ride.

The local Bike Friday contingent - Herb Lee, Mike Broderick and me - joined in the ride. Saxon Siegerson, an interloper with a big wheel bike also joined the group ride.

We took a 37 mile spin through Downtown, Old Sac and out the bike trail to Bella Bru for lunch. It was a fun time showing our Euro-visitors the American River Bike Trail and downtown sights.

Peter with Harold from Norway, Keith and Tim from UK

A group foto in front of the State Capitol - Saxon, Keith, Mike, me, Herb, Tim, Harold, and Peter

Riding down Capitol Mall to Old Sac . . .

. . . and through Old Sac where the Pacific Rim Festival was in preparation

The line up of small wheels - Moultons and Fridays

Interloper bike behind

Two of Peter's old classics . . .

. . . and APB

Herb and Sax and my Bike Friday

Heading to Bella Bru

A jolly good time at Bella Bru in Carmichael

Small Wheels rolling back on the bike trail

A bump in the road . . . Harold had a minor crash and I tended to his wounds

What the heck! . . . running into three cool velocabs on R Street

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dAwN said...

Cool! The internet makes the world a whole lot smaller. Do those bikes fold? I need a bike that never rusts or one that can fold and be stored in a bay. Jeff had to throw his bike out..all rusty and wheel rusted from frame..mine is on its way..