Friday, July 1, 2011

Eastern Sierra - Part 4

Sawtooth peaks above Lake Sabrina

I completed the road trip driving Hwy 395 from Bishop to Monitor Pass Road. The high peaks ranging from 8,000 to 14,000' were breathtaking, especially this time with the mountains covered with a blanket of white.

Close-ups of Sawtooth range above Lake Sabrina (above and below)

Conoeists on shimmering Lake Sabrina

Other high Sierra peaks (above and below) near Bishop

Mo, the lion dog. The owner groomed his dog with lion mane. He's got too much time on his hands.

Funny looking but interesting . . . kinda' does look like a lion from the back

No haircut for me!

Cool dog . . . looking good with red bandana

View of valley above Bishop

White Mountain range on the east-side of the Owens Valley

Close up of White Mountain (14, 242'). I climbed it in 2006. Click on pic twice to see building on mountain top.

More views of Eastern Sierra mountains (above and below)

Boundary Peak on left (13,147'), is highest peak in NV. Montgomery Peak (13,441') on right is higher but is in CA. Both are part of White Mountain range.

Close-up of Boundary Peak

Mt. Tom (13,652'), one of the higher peaks near Bishop

More peaks near Mt. Tom (above and below)

Peaks near Mammoth Lakes

Peaks around Mammoth Lakes (above and below)

Lake Crowley

Craggy mountain south of Mammoth Lakes

Mammoth Mountain (11,053')

Peaks north of Mammoth Lakes

Summer time cross-training

Minarets west of Mammoth Lakes

Two craggy peaks side by side

High peaks around June Lake

Marina on June Lake

Impressive waterfalls on June Lake Loop (above and below)

Grant Lake on June Lake Loop

Mountains near Conway Summit above Virginia Lakes (above and 2 below)

Sawtooth range above Twin Lakes near Bridgeport

Close-up of Sawtooth Range

Another mountain near Bridgeport

Mountains near Sonora Pass

Views of mountains from Monitor Pass Road

Long valley on east-side of Monitor Pass

Looking south from Monitor Pass

Mules ears were ablaze on Monitor Summit

View from top of Monitor Summit looking west (above and below)

Field of blooming mules ears with Sierra views

The Death Ride is next week and cyclists were in droves training on Monitor Pass Road

End of fantastic road trip

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Hats & Taps said...

Fabulous trip and photos! Love those falls and rainbows, snow covered mountains, raging rivers and friends along the way! Hi Nancy! Just WOW! - Marie