Sunday, August 21, 2011

Places in Between - #2 of 5

Visiting bike shop in downtown Ithica, home to Cornell University

The Ale House rocks! . . . some of the best grub on the tour

The burgers were outstanding!

As well as the steak salads

Swinging through the campus of Cornell

After leaving Ithica, we ride on Rockefeller Road past the birth home of John D. Rockefeller

Nice digs . . . birth home of John D.

Rockefeller Road, on a ridge straddling two lakes, took us past some of the prettiest scenery of the tour

Hamlet of Owasco

Temps heating up to 100 and time for a break in the shade.
The lads are whipped!

Looks like Iowa

Another beautiful stretch on Plainville Road after leaving Lake Skaneateles

Crossing the Oswego River

A nice campground at Selkirk Beach State Park on Lake Ontario

Campground in beautiful forest

Right outside of State Park was Cherry's, a fantastic frosty/diner

A hearty breakfast at Cherry's before continuing north to 1,000 Island

Note 3rd floor door . . . it must snow pretty deep here

NY kudzu

Byrne Chocolate Milk had a funny message written on the back of the bottle:

"You've traveled far to be with her.
When you finally meet, you look deep into her brown eyes
as you savor the flavor of our chocolate milk.
Then you realize that you're in a pasture with a bunch of cows.
You need help. But its OK to keep drinking our chocolate milk . . ."

P.S. I've been on the road too long . . .

Arriving at the St. Lawrence Seaway

Swinging into Sacket Harbor, a picturesque village on the Seaway

Fortuitous timing . . . finding free lemonade at the town gazebo

Near the end of a long, hot day

Jay and Bob split a carnivore special at Hops Spot Cafe in Sacket Harbor

Another ritual . . . finding good ice cream

An alien army invades our campground

Our campsite at Black River Bay looks like a homeless camp

Young lads fishing at dusk on the Black River

In Clayton, the lads encounter 3 female cyclists who were training for a x-country ride

A cool wooden boat on the Seaway

An ominous sign . . . purple sky and beautiful rainbow. Minutes later it started raining like hell!

Hey Mike, how'd you like my rain chaps!

Jay and CVS Pharmacy plastic bag

Saying good-bye to the St. Lawrence Seaway . . . we're heading south to Lake Placid and the Adirondacks

Stopping off for breakfast at a cool diner in Ogdensburg, NY

We catch a little culture and visit the Frederic Remington Art Museum in Ogdensburg. His wife lived here and donated the home and collection to the City after her death.

Remington home converted to a museum

Some of the artifacts and art pieces in the Museum

Finally reaching the Adirondack Mountains . . . the terrain changes from hills to mountains

Better cut back on the eats!

Big Bob testing the tensile strength of the barrier cable

Arriving at Tupper Lake

Nice ped path borders the lake

Small town carnival happening across the street from our motel

A modest motel at Tupper Lake

On the way to Lake Placid, we encounter a big beaver dam

Cool city hall bell tower in Saranac

The Olympic Center skating rink where ice dancing finals were taking place

The town of Lake Placid overlooks picturesque Mirror Lake

Lake Placid, an upscale village

Main Street, a great spot for people watching

Main Street shops

A beautiful Episcopal Church sits on a hill above Main Street

Inside . . .a beautiful wooden transept

. . . and stained glass windows

White Face Mountain, where the Olympic downhill ski races took place

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