Sunday, August 21, 2011

Places in Between - #3 of 5

Jay discovers his namesake town

Fork in the road . . . which way do we go?

Passing Ausable Chasm

Bridge over Chasm

Leaving NY and taking ferry across Lake Champlain to Burlington VT

A nice day on Lake Champlain

Burlington skyline on the hill

After we get off ferry, we had a terrific lunch at Breakwater Cafe on the wharf

In Burlington, the Church Street Mall is rocking with ped traffic

Very cool entertainment on the Mall

Speeder and Earl's . . . get my vote for a great java-jolt

An early morning break

From Burlington, we head back into NY to visit Fort Ticonderoga

Taking a break at Addison's 4-Corner Store

Tom has the nose . . . he smelled the cinabuns from outside the store

More hills heading to Ft. Ticonderoga

Taking a ferry across Lake Champlain back into NY

The new bridge will put an end to the ferry service

Young kayakers pulling out invasive weeds from Lake Champlain

After visiting Fort Ticonderoga, we take another ferry back into VT

VT hills . . . a 11% grinder

Do I see Camelot? . . . Middlebury College on the horizon

A beautiful campus with buildings constructed of white stone

The village of Middlebury was equally nice

The Beauty . . . and

On our way to Lake Dunmore

. . . The Beast!

Camping at beautiful Lake Dunmore, VT

Kickin' back at the lakefront after a long day in the saddle

We hit the steep climbs in the Green Mountains

Herb and Tom nearing the summit of Middlebury Pass . . . after a long steep climb

Jay and Bob making it to the top

Group foto at the summit

More neat signage

The terrain eases up after leaving the Green Mountains

More beautiful VT scenery

Hitting another steep climb

More buccolic scenery

Isabell's . . . another fantastic eatery

Isabell's puts out a great meal

Hitting covered bridge country in VT and NH

A cool arched bridge across the Connecticut River

Gilman's Fairlee Diner, a classic old-time diner

Flowers outside the diner

Into NH, and passing great round barn

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