Monday, February 20, 2012

Curanto - Home-hosted meal, Chiloe, CH

Octagon building where Curanto is cooked

Local cuisine is a major feature of an OAT tour. While on Chiloe Island, we made a home visit to a local family to partake in a meal called Curanto.

Curanto is a hodgepodge of meat, shellfish, potatoes, beans, fish, smoked sausage, milcao (a type of potato bread) which is cooked upon stones within a hole in the ground.

After digging the hole and lighting the fire, large stones are placed within. When these are good and hot, the shell fish, potatoes and vegetables are placed on them and covered. Next is a layer of meat, fish, and milcao, and then straw and turf.

When the shellfish release their water, this is the signal that the curanto is done. A sudden vent of steam rises from the coverings. The reason for putting shellfish at the bottom is to allow the juice to escape from them to flavor and cook the layers above.

After everything is placed in the hole, it is covered and allowed to cook

When the cooking is finished, the covering comes off and the layers of food is gathered

Collecting the steamed mussels

What an incredible feast

My eyes are bigger than my stomach . . . oooh I can't believe I ate the whole thing! . . . but it sure was goood!

Outside, a couple Darwin foxes gather to feed on the leftovers

Not exactly a good practice but they sure are cute . . .

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