Monday, February 20, 2012

Scenes of Chiloe Island, CH

Pisco Sour time!

A popular South American drink. Pisco is white grape brandy. A pisco sour is made of pisco, lemon juice, crushed ice, egg white with sugar applied to rim of glass. It is quite refreshing and tasty.

Chiloe "Land of Seagulls", is a beautiful archipielago located at the Southern end of the Lake District of Chile. We visited two small towns on the island - Ancud and Castro.

Here are a few highlights of our visit to Chiloe Island:

Fort San Antonio (1770) sits on a terrace in the high part of Ancud (above and below). It was the last location in Chile to fly the flag of Spain. It surrendered in 1826.

The cannons command the Straight of Ancud

In Castro, a colorful Palafito, a stilt village or dwellings erected over a body of water, were constructed in the late 19th century stimulated by a large amount of waterborne traffic. Only a few remain today.

Creaky but oozes character

Santi engaged this man who lived in a Palafito in conversation. We were able to see the inside of the home and visit with his family.

Another Palafito in Castro

Castro has two historic churches made of wood but painted to simulate stone. This first one is closed but undergoing rehabilatation. The church is a UNESCO site.

Much rehab work lies ahead

Wonderful barrel-vaulted interior. Note wood columns painted to simulate marble.

Historic San Francisco Church constructed in 1906 entirely of wood, sheathed in painted sheet metal to stimulate stone. The excellent woodwork of the interior showcases the craftmanship of the local artisans.

From the village of Castro, we take a boat across the bay to attend a food festival

Beautiful waters and hills reminds me of the Finger Lakes in upstate NY

Hey guys! . . . wave to the camera! What a fine day.

With Evelyn and Don

Marco, our local guide, and Santi

Passing a mussel farm. Floats where mussels are attached and grown.

On the church grounds, a local food festival was happening

More great eats . . . a friendly BBQ master

Gals making empanadas

Some entertainment . . . a boy dressed as a tree . . . Hmm . . . wonder what he's doing?

Looks quite yummie!

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