Thursday, February 23, 2012

Torres del Paine - Around the Park

Passing a raging waterfall

More scenes of TdP

Hotel Pehoe on small island on picturesque Lake Pehoe

Our guides Santi and Julio and Darrell (from MN) on the bridge

At another great waterfall - Cascade Paine on Rio Paine

Views of meandering Rio Paine

Small ranchero with fantastical views

View of Towers from the east with Lago Amarga in foreground

Up-close views of the Towers

Group photo - Me (CA), Sue and Darrell (MN), Carol and Frank (AZ), Dawn (IL), Ken and Jean (KS), Don and Evelyn (MD), and Richard and Joyce (KS)

Julio (our guide through Chile) and Santi (main tour guide)

Leaving TdP and on our way to Punta Arenas

A cool hike through the surreal hills of TdP

An "Easter Island" rock formation

Land of many lakes

The bus picks us up at the end of a great hike

A recent fire (began in Dec. 2011) devastated a big portions of TdP
Building foundation piers only remains of building consumed by fire

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