Thursday, February 23, 2012

Torres del Paine - Wildlife

Magellanic woodpecker (female w/ crest) and male (red head)

Female Magellanic woodpecker

Male Magellanic woodpecker


Buzzard Eagle

Austral Parakeet (above and next three)

Austral Thrush (above and below)

Austral Blackbird

Rufous-collared Sparrow (above and below)

Rhea (similar to Ostrich) is a large flightless bird

Guanaco, in the camel family, is similar to llamas, alpacas and vicunas

Guanacos are native to South America and abundent in the Patagonia Region of Chile

In the Park, the guanacos are accustomed to people and you can get pretty close without spooking them

Baby guanacos are so cute

Babies with moms

Gathering around guanaco bones

Guanaco Potty

An interesting behavior of guanacos - they poop in one spot and not all over the Park. Keeps the land pretty clean and you're not stepping into poop on the trails.

Jean holding guanaco dentures

Beautiful river valley where the wildlife roam

Red fox strolls on by

Stops to check us out

Andean Condors

White wing patches are on top of the wings, the reverse of CA Condors

With wingspan over 10', one of the largest birds in the world. Note distinctive white collar. A graceful soaring bird with fingers splayed out is beautiful to watch in flight.

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