Friday, August 22, 2014

Rinko Tour to Levi Stadium

The new SF 49'er stadium just opened with the start of the 2014 season.

Levi Stadium is located within a stone's throw of the Santa Clara Great America Amtrak Station so Peter Saucerman and I hopped on a Capital Corridor train and did another one of our Rinko (train/bike) tours.

We booked the stadium tour combined with the 49er Museum admission.  Although the exterior of the new stadium left me kinda' cold, the innards of the facility is quite remarkable.  Watching a football game here, if you could afford it, would be spectacular.

According to all the reviews, this stadium is the most high-tech of any sports venue and given its location in Silicon Valley, a given.  Wifi connection is omnipresent and attending a game with an IPad and/or IPhone would be de rigueur.  The world of sports viewing has changed for better or worse my friends.

The tour was very informative and pretty thorough.  In addition to views from the stadium seats, we visited the press box, a couple restaurants, visitor and cheerleader locker rooms, roof-top terrace and ground level views.

All kinds of facts and figures were thrown out, most of which I quickly forgot.  But one fact that stood out was there are 2,000 flat screen TVs placed throughout the stadium.

The 49'er Museum is very well done.  Two cool exhibits were the interactive video displays and the five super bowl trophies and rings.  The film in the museum theater is also enjoyable if you are a 49er fanatic.

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