Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tour de Woodland

The City of Woodland has long been known for its beautiful Victorian neighborhood and historic Opera House, the first of its kind in the Sacramento Valley.  A slow but steady revitalization of the Downtown District has been occurring over the last few years adding to the attraction of this pleasant valley town.

Peter Saucerman who spent his youth in Woodland is intimately knowledgeable about the trends in Woodland and even has old high school classmates involved in businesses on Main Street.

He organized a bike tour of Woodland and led us on a tour of the city's historic sites and points of interest.

Woodland is approximately 20 miles north of Sacramento.  We had a delightful out and back ride on Old River Road along the Sacramento River.

Joining the tour were Jim Regan, Rich Blackmarr, Barbara Greenwood and Frank Gerace.

To view tour album, click on "Tour de Woodland" below the photo:

From Tour de Woodland

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