Friday, July 1, 2011

Yosemite - Part 1

First stop, Bridalveil Falls. I drove up to Tunnel View to take in great views of the Valley and B-Falls from a distance. Later, I walked up to the base and caught a neat rainbow.

The thunderous flows generated a huge mist at the base resulting in a spectacular rainbow

Hikers getting blown away by the wind and mist generated by the huge waterfall

Tumultuous creek cascading below B-falls into Merced River

View of Valley, El Cap, Half-Dome, and B-falls from Tunnel View

Hi there!

Tunnel View offers one of the best views of the Valley

Next stop, Yosemite Falls.
A storm passed through the Valley with low hanging clouds obscuring the upper part of Yosemite Falls

Wide angle view of Yosemite Falls

Upper Yosemite Falls as it gushes over the brink

Click on pic twice to see people on ledge above upper Yosemite Falls . . . talk about gutsy!

Too scary for me!

Views (above and 2 below) of base of upper Y-falls. Great flows creating thunderous sprays.

The trail to the top of Y-falls climbs up the crevice to the left of waterfall (above and below). One would definitely get drenched hiking to the top this year.

View of base of Lower Y-falls

Some folks came prepared with raincoats

Bridge crossing raging creek at Y-falls base

Stream from Y-falls flowing down to Merced River

Passing huge granite wall on hike to Vernal Falls

The best view of V-falls is from John Muir Trail. Click on pic twice for amazing sight. Can you feel the roar?!

Amazing amount of water cascading over the edge

White knuckle time on the edge

Lean back a little more would ya!

Rampaging Silver Apron above V-falls (above and below)

Hikers coming up Mist Trail

Getting a closer view of V-falls

Me at the edge

Looking over the edge

Another neat rainbow above Mist Trail

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Hats & Taps said...

Super pictures Geno! Glad to know you are not one of the ones who got swept over a bridge! Marie

Eric & Marie said...

Great pics Geno. The water is really cooking and the mist is amazing. You caught a great combo of weather for your trip. - E