Friday, July 1, 2011

Yosemite - Part 2

View of Nevada Falls

View of raging upper Nevada Falls

Another huge mist at base of N-Falls

Mist coming through the trees near base of N- falls

Cascade Falls on Big Oak Flat Road

Roiling upper Cascade Falls

Neat bonsai islands amidst C-falls

Bridge crossing C-falls

Cascade Falls at El Portal Road

With all the water cascading into the Valley, the Merced River was flowing high nearly inundating a pedestrian bridge

No free-board between bridge and river

Display board showing the five highest flows of Merced River. Patti and I were here in Jan. 1997 when the highest recorded flow occurred flooding the entire Valley floor. The ped bridge was 5.3' under water. We were stranded for several days. It was pretty exciting!

This year's flow should make it into the top 10, I imagine.

Metal marker on bridge indicating the river level of 5 highest flows

You just never know who you'll run into. Nancy Burton and parents were also visiting.

With Nancy

View of high-flowing Merced River

As the river flows out of Valley and begins its descent, the river begins to churn

The Merced River becomes a rampage as it drops 2000' at 8% toward El Portal (above and below)

Two views of Half-Dome

Rainy day view of Cathedral Spires

A couple views of El Capitan

Yosemite Chapel

Ribbon Falls

Sentinel Falls (above and below)

Royal Arches, North Dome and Washington Column

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